NTCA Is Proud to announce a partnership with e-Adjudicate and WGI-Certify as our judge-training partner. This exciting new service is a totally reimagined way of training judges at all levels. Using a combination of online tutorials and personalized mentoring, candidates will navigate a comprehensive training series in caption philosophy, numbers management and recording performance commentary. Graduates will be then certified at a Circuit Partner level with those continuing the process named a WGI-Certified Judge.

Through our partnership with e-Adjudicate prospective judges from NTCA will be offered discounted tuition rates. Those that are interested in becoming a judge through the new WGI-Certify program are encouraged to contact NTCA Judges Coordinator, Ted Wemhoff, for more information. For more information about e-Adjudicate and the specifics of WGI-Certify courses please visit their site HERE